poor vampire, he is afraid of the dark

About Munchis Terrors

Munchis Terrors is a 2D Platformer Game in which you have to help Munchi the vampire go back to his Castle before his Torch run out.

Who We Are

We are Team Schnecke Uebelst Schnell. A German Development team at the School 4 Games

What We Do

We are Game Developers, Game Artists and Game Programmer Students who are starting in the Gaming Industrie.

  • Game Development
  • Game Art
  • Game Programming
  • Level Design
  • Pixel Art
  • BackEnd and FrontEnd Programming

Project Gallery

Here are some Game Screenshots and Assets.

Munchis Terrors MainMenu Munchis Terrors OptionMenu First Level Munchis Terrors Slime Crush Munchis Terrors Pickups Munchis Terrors PauseMenu Munchis Terrors LevelComplete Munchis Terrors CastleLevel Munchis Terrors CastleLevel BookShelfs Munchis Terrors Death Screen

Meet the Team

We are Team Schnecke Uebelst Schnell!.


Juan Pablo Amador Steinbach

Team Lead/ Producer/ GameDesigner


Beverly Legierski

UI Artist / Animation


Julia Anne Marie Emmi Jenssen

Character Artist / Enviroment Artist


Marcel Usslar



Lisa Irmer

Level Designer / Narrative Designer


Jonas Hueckler

Level Designer / System Designer


Julian Fillinger


What does the Team Think About the Game.

Contact us

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to send us a message.

S4G School for Games GmbH
Team Schnecke Ueblest Schnell
Gubener Stra├če 47
10243 Berlin


+49 30 96595244

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